You started from the bottom, you’ve put in the hours, the sweat and the tears to achieve the freedom and financial rewards that you enjoy… but you want something else, something more!

Figuring out what’s next, how to grow the business, how to build a superstar team, how to increase your income whilst freeing up more time and without losing your sanity.

All these things keep niggling at you.

You flip flop between being comfortable with where you are at – to dreaming of the next challenge, the next level and how you can get there.

You are smart and tenacious, love a challenge and have probably broken down expectations to achieve the success you have.

Of course, you are in Facebook groups and often find yourself as the bigger fish that people turn to for advice or to pick your brains about how you’ve done what they are only dreaming of.

It’s flattering but you are left lonely, as you find yourself giving more than you often get out of free groups.

It can be lonely as you rise to the top in your industry, can’t it?

And yes, the workload goes from bursting at the seams to being manageable with your other responsibilities, so how the hell do you grow the business, without becoming overwhelmed and burnt out?!

Even though you keep dreaming, you are frustrated by what is next for you.


Too many entrepreneurs are giving up on their dreams as they don’t know how to leverage the existing success to grow

This new tactic, watch this free webinar, get visible top tips… and the list goes on of ‘how to’s’ for the start up or new entrepreneur, but where is the support, the knowledge and inspirational communities for established entrepreneurs who are ready for the next level?

It doesn’t matter how many monthly information bundles you receive, none of this information works for you to substantially grow.

The information being received doesn’t actually apply to you and where your business is at.

So you duck in to trainings, take what you can from group courses, but leave feeling a little disappointed that this wasn’t the ‘something’ that you were looking for to drive your business forward.

And you aren’t alone, I’ve had conversation after conversation with high achievers who are fed up with Facebook groups, who don’t have their own community of other like minded entrepreneurs to turn to and who are frustrated for where to go and what to do next.

What if I told you there was a new way, a new ‘something’ just for established, high level smart entrepreneurs like you!

How amazing would it feel to realise that there is a way to capitalise on your current success to grow your business, all whilst freeing up more of your time and increasing your income?

There is!?

If you’ve been in business for a while and enjoyed a level of financial and time freedom, keep reading.

If you’re trying to grow a dream team, and employee or freelancer churn has crossed your mind, keep reading.

If you are proud of what you’ve accomplished and love a challenge, keep reading.

If you are looking for connection with other amazing entrepreneurs, who will champion you as you grow, keep reading.

Laura Payne-Stanley

As it’s time for you to ASCEND

Back in 2011 I set up my first online platform that quickly grew to becoming an award winning industry leader. It was tough, but I loved the challenge and I was super proud of what I achieved in a short space of time.

The platform kept growing, so did the revenue and exponentially so did the workload.

I was bursting at the seams on a conveyor belt of tasks and being busy, so much so that there was very little time to work on the business, I was always ‘in’ the business.

In addition to the platform, the coaching side of the business had been growing. There was no strategy, it started with 1 client who recommended me, and another, and another and another. The coaching had taken on its own momentum and was continuing to accelerate, and I didn’t even have a website.

Working with my mentors one-to-one, the next phase of business growth was laid out, a strategy installed and I began to benefit from my existing success.

I was able to breathe again.

I was able to dream again.

And I was able to transition to the next chapter as a business owner.

My mentors encouraged me, challenged me and I answered the call and the desire to thrive.

I have and always will invest in private mentoring, as in this environment unique transformational change happens.

But I was still feeling isolated, lonely and couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more.

So whilst already investing in a one to one mentor, plus my own coaching development, I signed up to a high level mastermind.

I loved finally feeling that I had found a home.

An exclusive group of entrepreneurs who were all dreaming big, looking to accelerate their business growth, but in alignment with what felt right for them.

No cookie cutter curriculum.

No “this is how to make 6 figures in 6 months” BS.

But a real connection and community with a purpose to leverage success, in a way that suits an individual lifestyle.

People with experience, with drive, who love a challenge, cheering each other on, being stretched into becoming the best version of themselves… there is nothing quite like it.

Introducing the NEW way to leverage your business all whilst freeing up more of your time and INCREASING your income.

Ascend Mastermind

The ASCEND Mastermind is an exclusive community of up to 8 entrepreneurs who are driven, who are tenacious, hard workers who are looking for a home with other established entrepreneurs to capitalise on their existing success.

I am going to serve those who are ready to embrace their accomplishments to drive their business growth through leveraging their current success and aren’t ready to settle.

The ASCEND Mastermind is a community, but make no mistake, I know the power of private mentoring, which is why this mastermind is a hybrid of the two, private mentoring and community!

The 90 day ASCEND Mastermind will run for 12 weeks of leveraged growth.

During the 12 weeks you will:

  • Create your unique and aligned strategy to build your business and create your Desired Life with timely action plans
  • Benefit from the breadth of knowledge from your tight knit ASCEND team members during group calls
  • Laser focused accountability for rapid implementation with weekly reporting and feedback within 24 hours
  • Create lifetime friendships and camaraderie during our 1 Day live luxury mastermind retreat
  • Learn how to expeditiously execute the targeted tasks you need to create the biggest impact in your business
  • Your own right hand mentor for any tough patches with ongoing access via email

If you are nodding your head and know that you need results – that you can build on what you’ve already achieved to get more time – you are in the right place!

But ASCEND isn’t for everyone, so let’s be clear if this isn’t for you

  • If you are looking for cookie cutter trainings of how to be successful for you to follow, this isn’t for you.
  • If you are really happy in your comfort zone and are not ready to leverage and grow, this isn’t for you.
  • If you are happy to spend time watching EVERY free training, facebook live, pdf info sheet, webinar going and don’t every implement the learnings, this isn’t for you.
  • If you believe that the only way to achieve success is by trampling over others, that you only win if someone looses, this isn’t for you.

It might sound harsh, but this is a highly intimate and exclusive mastermind for people who are going to achieve huge things in 90 days.  People who:

  • Are ready for their next challenge, what ever that might look like to them, to dream big and execute strategic actions to make those challenges a reality.
  • Crave camaraderie and feeling connected to other high vibration entrepreneurs who are ready to support you.
  • Are past the basic foundations of business and looking out to the future, growing teams and leveraging for continued success.
  • Desire more free time and become the true business owner of a super star talented team.

ASCEND Mastermind is about maximising where you are now, leveraging and growing to create your Desired Life.

What’s the Investment?

In alignment with what I wanted to create for 2017/ 2018, I have decided to keep the ASCEND Mastermind at a really affordable mid four figure point.

When launching ASCEND, I am currently fully booked to work with me privately in my 4 month program.

In addition, from September 2017 how you can work with me is changing – we will work together for 7 months with a minimum investment of £3500 over the 7 months and clients paying up to £16,000.

“I WANT TO ASCEND, how do I sign up for the waitlist?”

Places on ASCEND are by application only, just click the button below to sign up to the waitlist.

Once you’ve joined the waiting list, I will keep you updated and let you know when were are accepting applications again.

What could you do instead?


Knowing that you need to do ‘something’ but keep buying into your own story, why you are not ready, or why this is not the right time.


Know that you are tired of being lonely, tired of being tired and are ready to build on your hard work and success in a new way.

If this is you hit the button below to join the waiting list for when we open up for applications again to ASCEND.


Only 8 spaces will be available

(Payment Plan Available)